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IN SLOW WATER II © 2012 (video)

A re-edited version of the “In slow water” video shown as part of a solo art exhibition entitled “Water” (“Nuoc” in Vietnamese), Hanoi, 2011. art show article with pictures in Vietnamese art talk article with pictures in Vietnamese

The interplay of water, wind, and light is the subject of all images in the collection. Each is a moment captured of the unseen language of water, at times chaotic turbulence, at times sublimely calm. To open up and connect with the elemental nature of water within each of us. We are water.

In Vietnamese the word “water” has two meanings. One is water, the second is country. This video piece is my reflection on the social, political, and environmental conditions of the world and the current situation involving the South China Sea and Vietnam in particular. By absorption, listening, and observation a work emerges out of a multi-layered filter of personal/emotional space.

MOMENT 603 © 2015 (image)